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Student dependent visa

New rules for student dependants

New rules for student dependants

 Last month we informed you (“Forthcoming drastic changes to the immigration rules”, 14th December) that from January 2024 there would be new, more restrictive, immigration rules for dependants of student visa holders, ie partners (spouses, civil partners and unmarried partners) and children aged under 18. These new rules have now come into effect.

Under the previous rules some students, including most of those studying postgraduate courses, were able to bring dependants with them to the UK. Interestingly and perhaps rather curiously dependants are allowed to work without restriction, unlike the student himself/herself, who is only allowed to work part-time hours.

As we indicated in our article, under these new rules the majority of students will now not be able to bring dependants with them to the UK at all.

As from 1 January only the following types of student are able to bring dependants:

  • Full-time students who have obtained an award from a government for a course of at least six months
  • Full-time students who are studying a doctorate-level course or research-based postgraduate degree of at least nine months

But those who are already in the UK as student dependants will be able to extend their leave if the student extends their leave.

If you have any issues or queries in this area we at GSN Immigration will be able to advise you accurately.


Oliver Westmoreland

Senior Immigration Lawyer