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Visit the UK on a tourist visa, to see friends or family, or for another reason.

Apply for a UK Visitor Visa

A UK Visitor visa enables the holder to come to the UK for a short visit – in most cases no more than six months – for tourism, to see friends or family, to study a short course, or for more specialised reasons such as a business visit, private healthcare or marriage.

Generally, only those from “visa national” countries (such as India, Pakistan or China) need to apply for a Visitor visa to come to the UK. Those from “non-visa national” countries (such as the USA, Japan or Brazil) may be able to come to the UK as visitors without any visa, although in some situations they also may need to apply for one.

Visitor visas can be granted for six months, two years, five years, or ten years but there is an overarching principle which applies to both non-visa nationals and visa nationals: a visitor should not spend more than half their time in the UK. If they do, they may be in breach of immigration rules, because they may be deemed to be making the UK their main home, and they look more like a “resident” than a “visitor”.

You can only apply for a Visitor visa three months before you intend to visit the UK. Usually the visa application takes about three or four weeks to process after submission, depending on which country you apply from.

UK Visitor Visa Requirements

An applicant applying for a Visitor visa needs to demonstrate that they can afford the visit, that they have or can obtain suitable accommodation, that they are a genuine visitor and that they intend to return to their home country at the end of the visit. In some situations family members or organisations can act to sponsor a visitor.

The applicant must also demonstrate that they do not intend to carry out any non-permitted activities in the UK. With just a few exceptions (eg business visitors) visitors are not allowed to carry out any work in the UK, and those who are allowed to work are only allowed to carry out strictly limited activities.

Here are five most common reasons for UK Visit Visa refusals; try to avoid them!

Your application depends on your circumstances 

The evidential requirements for a visitor visa application vary, depending on the type of visitor visa. In all cases, the applicant must provide evidence that there will be sufficient finance and accommodation available for the visit, from whatever source.

For migrants intending to visit family members, details of those family members should be provided and, where appropriate, details of the accommodation that the family member(s) will offer.

Where the visit is by invitation for business purposes (eg Business Visitor visa, Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor visa) evidence about this should be provided.

If the visit is for the purpose of marriage, then the applicant must provide evidence of the marriage.

It is generally important to show that the applicant has got a life to return to in their home country, which could be a family life or economic life, or both.

There is no English language requirement for visitors and no IHS health surcharge fee.

What we can do for you for a successful UK Visitor Visa

We can initially advise you about the strength of your Visitor visa application. If there are likely to be any difficult issues we will advise you about these.

We can advise you about submitting the right documents so that you have the best possible application.

It is our job to complete your application form and to submit the application online. This also includes advice on the biometrics appointment at the UK visa centre.

We remain available during and after the submission of your application and until a decision comes through.

We will write a legal representative cover letter to support your application.

We will work hard and diligently and advise you fully on your application. This ensures you have the best chance of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the UK Visit Visa fees?

The standard six-month Visitor visa fee is £115 but other types of Visitor visa application fees are higher or in some cases lower.

I have a five-year UK Visitor visa - can I stay in the UK for five years continuously?

No. you cannot. You must not spend too much time in the UK.

How do I apply for a UK Tourism visa?

You must apply online and submit your supporting documents to the UK visa centre.

My standard visit visa for UK has been refused saying “I might not return to my home country” how do I satisfy the UKVI that I will?

You might want to prepare, or instruct a lawyer to prepare, a new application which tries to avoid the problems that emerged in the refused application.

I have travelled to many places including America, Canada and Europe. Is it easy for me to get a UK family visit visa?

Not necessarily. It is likely to be to your advantage that you have good travel history but each case is assessed on its merits by the UKVI caseworker and there is no guarantee that your application will be successful just based on your previous travel history to other countries.

What is UK visitor visa processing time?

They are usually processed in three to four weeks.

Can I study in the UK on a visitor visa?

Yes, you may be able to study a short course of up to six months.

I am in the UK on a student visa. Can my parents visit me?

Potentially they can. Your parents or other family members can apply for a family Visitor visa to visit you in the UK.

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