British Citizenship under the British Nationality Law

Apply for Naturalisation or Registration to become a British Citizen

Requirements for Naturalisation and Registration

An adult who wishes to become a British citizen must in most but not all cases apply for Naturalisation, whereas a child must in every case apply for Registration.

The requirements for Naturalisation and Registration are quite different. In the former case the applicant must show that they hold settlement and that they have lived lawfully in the UK for the required number of years, either five years or three years. They also have to show that they have not been outside the UK for too long during the qualifying period and that they are of good character. They must also in most cases pass an English language and Life in the UK test.

The requirements for Registration are not generally so onerous. In some cases the applicant has to show that they were born in the UK and that they have lived here for at least ten years but in other cases there is no requirement to show either of these things and it is not necessary in every case for the applicant to hold settlement when they apply. With children their situation is highly dependent on the parents’ situation, and it is possible for a child to apply for Registration by way of legal entitlement or by way of the Home Office’s discretion, and there is no strict or general rule about how long the child must have spent in the UK. So with children there is more flexibility.

What we can do for you for a successful Naturalisation or Registration Application

We can initially advise you about the strength of your application. If there are likely to be any difficult issues we will advise you on these.

We can advise you about submitting the right documents so that you have the best possible application. 

It is our job to complete your application forms and also submit the application. This also includes advice on the biometrics appointment. 

Our aim is to submit your application smoothly and in addition provide up-to-date information at all times. This way you do not need to keep up to date with Home Office rule changes.

We remain available during and after the submission of your application and until a decision comes through.

We will write a legal representation letter, which will support your application.

We will work hard and diligently and advise you fully on your application. This ensures you have the best chance of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naturalisation or Registration Application?

It is an application by a non-British Citizen to become a British Citizen.

I have Indefinite Leave to Remain. Can I apply for Naturalisation straight away?

It depends on how long you have been living in the UK and whether or not you are married to a British citizen.

How to meet good character requirements?

In some cases a criminal conviction will be fatal for an application; it depends on the facts. Other lesser matters, such as County Court Judgements or civil penalties, may also have an impact. If you have any such matters you should take legal advice.

I am an EEA National and I have documents confirming I have Settled Status in the UK. Do I also need to apply for Naturalisation?

You don’t necessarily need to but if you want British citizenship you will have to.

Do I need to provide any references to support my application?

Yes, you have to provide two referees, and there are various rules about them.

I want to apply for Naturalisation this year but I also have some travel plans, can I submit my Naturalisation application and travel if I need or want to?

 Yes! You can travel while your Naturalisation application is being processed by the Home Office, as we will upload all your document scanned copies to the Home Office online portal. This will allow you to keep hold of your original passport and travel as and when required. If the Home Office has any questions regarding your application and you are away our experienced and competent Immigration Lawyers will take care of it on your behalf.

What is the fee for Naturalisation?

The fee for Naturalisation is £1500 and the fee for Registration is £1,351.

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