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UK Immigration as the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business

Apply for a Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

If an overseas company has no branch or subsidiary in the UK but they want to create such a UK-based entity then they can appoint a senior and suitably experienced employee as an overseas representative to come to the UK and set it up and run it. Such a person can apply for a Sole Rep visa as the Representative of an Overseas Business visa. It is also more commonly known as the Sole Representative visa.

This route offers the possibility of settlement after five years, and dependants can apply for visas along with the main applicant.

Requirements for a Sole Rep Visa (Representative of an Overseas Business Visa)

Detailed evidence must be submitted about the overseas company and the applicant’s position within the company. A business plan must also be submitted which shows a well-researched and realistic idea for the new entity in the UK.

The applicant must also show that there will be sufficient finance for them and any dependants for general living expenses.

And there is an A1 level English language requirement. 

What we can do for you for a successful Sole Rep visa

We can give you detailed advice about the required documentary evidence and about the business plan. We can put the application together in an organised way that will give you the best possible chance of success.

We will prepare your application for the Representative of an overseas business Visa application for the UK with your dependents, if any. The forms and documentation may vary slightly depending on where you apply from and what your circumstances are, but we will make sure you have all the correct documents to submit with your application and how you can meet each of the requirements for the visa. We are here to ensure all goes well and that your visa application has the best chance of success.

Not all applicants will need to meet all the requirements above and we will provide a Person and Country Specific Document Checklist so that you can gather the required documents according to your circumstances.

We will complete all the relevant application forms for you and provide you country specific guidance, if relevant. 

We will ensure we are with you from the very start and up until you receive a decision on your application. Sometimes applications are delayed and we can liaise with the Home Office or UKVI on your behalf.

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