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Drastic changes to the immigration rules – stop press news

Drastic changes to the immigration rules – stop press news

 Last month we reported on forthcoming drastic changes to the immigration rules, including a particularly drastic increase in the minimum salary requirements for those settled in the UK who want to sponsor their foreign partner to join them or stay with them in the UK.

Today, the basic financial requirement is that earnings must be shown to be at least £18,600 gross per year. But the Home Secretary announced that this figure at some point in the near future (“in the spring”) would more than double, to £38,700. This looked such a huge increase that some people may have thought that it was a joke or a mistake.

It turns out that it was neither, but now it also turns out that the Home Secretary has to some extent relented, and this figure has now been revised to £29,000 – which we think is actually still quite a lot but at any rate not as bad.

However, it appears that this figure may be just an interim figure, and that at some point in the yet further future it may increase up to the figure of £38,700.

If you think this looks chaotic you are right but we at GSN Immigration will keep you informed.


Oliver Westmoreland

Senior Immigration Lawyer