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Challenge Home Office decision via Administrative Review

Apply for an Administrative Review

If your working visa or study visa application – submitted from either outside or within the UK – is refused, then you will not have any right of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal. But in many cases you will have the right to apply for Administrative Review. Administrative Review is a process carried out by the Home Office / UKVI whereby the refusal decision is assessed for caseworking errors. If any material error(s) is found then the decision will be overturned. 

So if the refusal decision seems to be not in accordance with the law or otherwise wrong then applying for Administrative Review could be a good option. The application is submitted online.

In many cases it is not possible to submit any new documents with an Administrative Review application. The applicant will have to try and demonstrate that the refusal decision is wrong on the basis of documents that were submitted with the application. So if you forgot to enclose a document(s) with the application then Administrative Review may not help and you might be better off making a fresh application. 

However, if the refusal decision contains allegations of deception or dishonesty then it may be possible to submit new documents in order to counter the allegations. 

Requirements for Administrative Review

The Administrative Review application must state a clear argument as to why the decision is said to be wrong. If it is claimed that the law has been wrongly applied then this must be set out systematically. Similarly, if it is claimed that facts have been wrongly understood or that reasoning was illogical or irrational, this must be clearly made out. 

The applicant or their Immigration Lawyer must submit the Administrative Review within 28 days of receiving the visa refusal decision if the applicant resides outside the UK, if the applicant resides inside the UK the deadline to apply for admin review is 14 days from the date the decision is received by the applicant or their representative. 

The Home Office usually processes a decision on Administrative Review within 28 calendar days.

It is to be remembered that during the time when your Admin Review is under process and you submit another visa application, your admin review request will be cancelled and considered withdrawn.

What we can do for you for a successful Admin Review Application

We will assess the case and decide whether the application will be a strong one and advise you accordingly about the best way forward. If we come to an agreement we will prepare the application and submit it to the Home Office/UKVI and represent you until we receive the decision. 

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