Claim Asylum

Claim Asylum in the UK

Claim Asylum in the UK (also known as Humanitarian Protection) 

To be eligible to claim asylum, firstly you must be in the UK. If you fear returning to your country of origin because you realistically believe that you will either be killed, tortured, unfairly imprisoned or otherwise severely mistreated, you may be able to apply for asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK. We can help you claim Asylum in the UK.

You may have come to the UK legally or illegally and the reason(s) you fear to return to your country of origin may have occurred recently or may be of long standing.

Your case will be decided under either the Refugee Convention or the European Human Rights Convention, depending on the reasons for the feared mistreatment. 

The Home Office will grant you five years’ leave as a refugee/beneficiary of humanitarian protection if the application is successful.

Requirements for an asylum / humanitarian protection application

The application is made to the Home Office in the UK, you cannot make the application from outside the UK. 

A Home Office representative will interview you in detail. You will have to answer questions about yoru claim for asylum. You are also able to submit a written statement and any other documents which you think may strengthen your case. 

After the interview the Home Office will make a decision on your application, which will come in writing.

In some cases you may then want to make further representations about your case. 

What we can do for you for a successful application

We will prepare your statement and other documents to support the application, including legal representations. Our Immigration Advisers can accompany you to the asylum interview as your legal representative. We continue to represent you with the Home Office until it makes its decision. 

We can at this point submit further representations about your case for you if appropriate. 

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We have assisted many clients to apply for Asylum in the UK. We can claim asylum for you also.

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