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There are various different types of British passports; a British citizen is entitled to a British passport. Let us help you apply for a British Passport. 

There is a misconception amongst some clients that applying for a British passport after indefinite leave to remain is possible. But it is not, you must be a British citizen by birth, by descent, or through registration or naturalisation to qualify for a British Passport.

A British passport application is not an “immigration” application, like an application for a visa; it is an administrative application. Other than in rare and exceptional cases, a British citizen is entitled to hold a British citizen passport, and if the applicant can prove that they are indeed a British citizen then they can, generally speaking, expect the application to be successful.  You can apply for a British passport using an online form on the website.

Adults and children can apply to HM Passport Agency for a British passport. In most cases the application is made within the UK but in some cases it can be made outside the UK. It sometimes happens, for example, that a child has been born outside the UK and lives outside the UK but one or more parents is a British citizen and the child is also a British citizen and can thus apply for a passport. Such an application is called an application for an overseas British passport, but the passport that is issued is the same as that issued in the UK. 

A British citizen may also be able to apply for a passport renewal or replacement from outside the UK. 

Apply for a British Passport for a child born abroad

We can also identify if children are automatically British following a detailed assessment and subsequently apply for their first British Passport, if eligible.

Applying for a British Passport for a child born abroad is also possible as long as one of the parents are British and are not British by descent themselves.

Requirements for a British Passport

Applying for a British Passport after indefinite Leave to Remain is not possible although a lot of people make this enquiry. You need to have British Citizenship before you can apply for a British Passport. So the first requirement is to become a British Citizen.

You will need to submit relevant documents to support your British passport application which can vary based on your circumstances such as were you born before or after 1st Jan 1983 and if you were born in or outside the UK? British passport requirements need to be met when you submit your application online, you can also opt to apply for a British Passport on a paper form. It is important that you apply for British citizenship first if you are not a British Citizen already before you submit your British passport application.

Passport applications require qualifying referees or counter-signatories. If the application is based on parentage (as with a child’s application) then appropriate evidence of this needs to be submitted with the application. The applicant may also need to prove where they were born. 

The application if made in the UK can be made either online or by post. The application process may involve an “identity interview” with HM Passport Agency. This is so that they can satisfy themselves that the applicant is who they say they are. An overseas British passport application, and especially if it is made by a child, is relatively complex, because there are more aspects to prove.

How to apply for a British passport

You can apply for your passport Online or by completing a Paper Form. It is cheaper to apply online and definitely quicker. Another way to apply is through the Post Office Check and send service. This is the cheapest and easiest way to apply since the application wizard will guide you through each step of the process, this option is slightly more costly. 

Can I change my name on my British Passport?

It is important to complete your British Passport application form with the name on your documentation, if you want to have a different name on your British Passport, you should change your name on your documentation and then apply for British Passport.

Who can be my countersignatory?

A countersignatory will confirm your identity to His Majesty’s Passport Office. The countersignatory should have known you for a minimum two years. The countersignatory needs to be a British or Irish Citizen living in the UK, someone with good standing in the community and can not be related to you as a family member. However, submitting your application to the countersignatory is a compulsory requirement to meet. 

How much are UK Passport fees?

It depends how you submit your application.

Online applications: £82.50

Paper applications: £93

Contact us now to apply for First your British Passport 

We can advise you about the requirements for referees / counter-signatories. If the proposed person does not meet the requirements then the application is likely to be unsuccessful. We can also advise you about the other evidential requirements which, in some cases, are onerous. 

Our aim is to submit your application smoothly and in addition provide up to date information at all times. This way you do not need to keep up to date with the HMPO changes.

We remain available during and after the submission of your application and until your British Passport comes through.

We will work hard and diligently and advise you fully on your application. This ensures you have the best chance of success.

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