British Registration

British Citizenship for children under British Nationality Law

Registration to become a British Citizen

The British Nationality Act 1981 allows Registration of minors to be registered as a British Citizen by way of entitlement and discretion. Sometimes a child can be a British Citizen without the parents realising it and in that case no registration is required. The Home Office has case workers who assess each application on its merits and consider if the child is entitled to British nationality and meets the requirements of British citizenship registration. Children born outside the UK can also be entitled to British nationality, British citizenship by birth is obtained one parent of the child is British Citizen.  Also worth noting is that children who are not born British but are adopted by British parents also qualify to be registered as British nationals, given they meet all the requirements for registration. British citizenship by birth is automatically obtained by the child without having to submit any application for it. The parents can apply for Child First British Passport for their children online.

General Requirements for British Registration

Parents can apply for their children to be registered as British Citizens under the British Nationality Act 1981. The supporting evidence can vary depending on an individual’s circumstances and the caseworker needs to be satisfied that the documents submitted are true and genuine. UK Registration as British Citizen makes the applicant British Citizen. 

British Citizenship for child application can be submitted by the parents or the legal representative on the child’s behalf to the Home Office. 

Documents to provide depends on the section under which the child qualifies for Registration however some of the requirements are mentioned below:

  • Identity documents of the child
  • Birth certificate of the child mentioning parents details
  • Child should be under the age of 18
  • One of the parents should either be Settled Person in the UK or a British Citizen
  • Good character requirement if the child is over 10 years old  is to be met also
  • Child’s parents marriage certificate if applicable
  • Any travel history information if the child has travelled abroad

How can GSN help with British Nationality?

We will establish under what section your child’s British registration application falls, so that we can advise you on the correct documentation you need to prepare to support the application. We will provide a Person and Country Specific Document Checklist so that you can gather the required documents according to your circumstances so that you have the best chance of success for your registration application. You can apply for citizenship uk application online or by paper and post it to the Home Office to be processed.

We are able to explain and guide you on how to meet each of the specific requirements for the Registration application. We have helped many applicants with their Registration application and have received positive decisions.

We will complete your application forms and advise how the application is submitted. We will also provide a Letter of Representation to accompany your application explaining your case to the Home Office and dealing with all the correspondence involved.

We will continue to make ourselves available during and after the submission of your application until a decision is made.

We will work hard to advise you so that you have the best chance of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is British Registration?

British Registration allows the applicant to become British Citizen and one has to apply to register as a British Citizen. Children apply for British Registration whereas Adults apply for Naturalisation to become British Citizen.

What is the fee to apply to register our child as British Registration?

As of October 2023 the Home Office charges a fee of £1351 to register as a British Citizen, these fees are reviewed and updated usually once a year.

How long does it take to process UK British Registration application?

Your child’s British registration application is usually processed within 8-12 weeks. 

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