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The Adult Dependent Relative visa enables a migrant – under very specific and limited circumstances – to come and live with their qualifying relative in the UK on a permanent basis. The relative in the UK must be either a British citizen, hold settlement, hold protection status, or hold qualifying Pre-Settled Status. Parents, grandparents, siblings and adult children of qualifying UK residents can apply under this route but, very importantly, for this visa the applicant must be able to show that they need long-term care, because of age, illness or disability, and it must be that such care or treatment is not available to them in their country of residence, either because it is not available or because it is not affordable for them.

This application must be made to the UK visa centre outside the UK: it cannot normally be made in the UK.

However, if the potential applicant is in the UK and there are reasons beyond their control for not being able to apply from their home country they can submit their application in the UK outside the Immigration rules. If the application is refused the applicant appeal the decision to the First-Tier Immigration Tribunal.

Requirements for an Adult Dependent Visa

The applicant must prove, with good medical evidence, that they need long-term care. This could be medical care because they have a medical condition or more general care because they are elderly or frail.

They must also show that this care is not available to them in their home country, for example, because they require a specific treatment which is not available in that country or because they cannot afford to pay for the care they need and there is nobody in that country who can or will provide it.

The sponsor in the UK must also show that there will be suitable and sufficient accommodation and financial support available for the applicant.

What we can do for a successful Parent / Adult Dependent Visa Application

This is a difficult visa to submit successfully. The various elements all have to be proved to a high standard, and some of them are not easy to establish.

We would first of all assess the case and see if it has a realistic chance of success, and advise you accordingly.

If we agree to proceed we will put together the evidence to best effect in order to create the strongest possible application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for Adult Dependent & Parent Visa?

You can apply for an adult dependent visa online and the sponsor must also complete Appendix 1 (financial maintenance undertaking) to accompany the application.

Who can apply Adult Dependent Visa?

An adult Dependent Visa can be applied for by a qualifying dependant of a qualifying sponsor.

What are the requirements for Adult Dependent Visa?

The main requirement is that the applicant must prove to a good standard their health condition and the other relevant circumstances.

How long does it take to get the Adult Dependent Visa?

The processing time is usually 8-12 weeks but the UKVI can take longer if the case is complicated or not presented in an orderly manner.

What if my Adult Dependent Visa is refused?

If the application is refused there will be the right of appeal to the First-Tier Immigration Tribunal. There are strict requirements to be met for this visa, so it is vital you have professional representation to submit this application and thus hopefully avoid a refusal.

My parents are in the UK on a Visit visa can they switch to this visa within the UK?

Although migrants on visit visas are not allowed to switch to an Adult Dependent Visa within the UK, if there are specific circumstances where they are unable to return to their home country to apply they might be able to apply from within the UK outside the immigration rules. If you are in this sort of situation you should consult with your Immigration Lawyer as to whether this might be possible.

How much does it costs to apply for Adult Dependent visa?

The UKVI application fee for the Adult Dependent Relative visa is £3,250.


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