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UK Study Guide for International Students

Are you looking to study in the UK? No matter where you are in the world, you’ll undoubtedly have heard about how popular the UK is as a study destination. It’s not difficult to see why when you look at the myriad of hugely successful universities based in the UK that have exceptional track records of providing students with first-rate teaching. Many of the world’s most accomplished academics have studied in the UK – and those hard-earned qualifications can count for a lot.

Studying in the UK – did you know?

Tens of thousands of students fly into the UK to gain a world-class education every year – and at any given time, there are over a million international students studying in the UK.

Did you know that of all the countries available to study in, the UK is the second most popular place in the world, with most international students coming from India, China, the United States, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Of all the universities in the UK, the most desirable for international students are the business schools. Holding a British degree is thought to truly set you apart in the competitive job market of today’s economy. London is thought to be the capital city of higher education with four of the top universities globally situated there.

What key skills could I gain if I study in the UK?

One of the best reasons for studying abroad is the opportunity to experience an entirely new culture and way of life. You are able to immerse yourself in a completely new world, in which there are different foods, languages, traditions, festivities and weather conditions. It gives you an opportunity to gain freedom and independence from everything you have known before, and re-think your perspective on life and the world.

Studying in the UK allows you to learn the English language like a native, and can be easily achieved through speaking with fellow students about shared interests, traditions, the culture and where they like to travel. You will also be able to explore both the cities and countryside, visiting places of key historic and national interest. The UK is full of art galleries, museums, monuments, castles and forts where you can experience British history up close and personal. It will give you the chance to unlock a new understanding of the world and what has come before you.

One of the other benefits of studying in the UK is being able to meet other talented and skilled students from all over the globe who can help to influence your way of thinking, how you work and what you see the future looking like. These are contacts who will stay with you for the rest of your life, giving you the chance to create a global network of people that you can call on for work or friendship.

Studying in UK universities – what are my options?

When studying in the UK, there are two key levels of higher education. The first is undergraduate (Bachelors) and the second is postgraduate (Masters and PhDs). Other less popular options available include colleges and distance learning universities.

What subjects can I study at university in the UK?

When it comes to degrees, most subjects can be broken down into three key faculties: arts and humanities, technology, science and engineering, and business and social sciences. Within these faculties, subjects are then broken down even further, for example, into English and Drama, Agriculture, Economics, Epidemiology, or Music.

Which are the most popular universities in the UK?

There are currently 84 universities within the UK that can be found in the QS World University Rankings 2020. Of these, four feature within the world’s top ten. These include the University of Oxford in fourth place, the University of Cambridge in seventh place, University College London (UCL) in eighth place, and Imperial College London in ninth place. Within the top 20 is the University of Edinburgh.

What is the academic calendar like at UK universities?

Depending on which university you go to, the academic calendar can vary. However, it typically will run from September to June for undergraduate degrees. This can be different for postgraduate programmes, which can start at varying times in the year (sometimes in January). Typically UK universities will be closed for Christmas, Easter and Summer, and for certain degrees, there will also be reading weeks as well before examination periods.

I want to study in the UK: How do I choose a university?

Choosing the right UK university can be a tricky task when there are so many fantastic establishments. There are a number of different independent ranking systems you can use, for example from The Times and The Guardian newspapers. However, there is no official ranking system from the UK government.

Many will know that the historic and prestigious University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are renowned for their education standards. However, they are not the only options available and universities are spread out all across the UK, including in many of the popular student cities: Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Nottingham and Bristol – to name a few.

Campus or city?

When choosing your university, it’s important to consider if you want to stay on a campus university or go to a city university. Campus universities, such as the University of York or Loughborough University, have the majority of their facilities, buildings and accommodation all in one place which makes it easy to get around.

For city universities, the lecture halls and accommodation are more spread out. However, this can give you a wider breadth of options for socialising and immersing yourself in the city. It’s always worth speaking with current students to find out how they have found their experiences, as well as how they’d rate the teaching quality, student experience, and employment opportunities once you graduate.

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