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To fully comply with the requirements of Immigration Law, a Sponsor with Sponsorship Licence holding company employers must ensure they have a Migrant Tracking Policy in place. As you, the employer, will be employing Migrants whose visas would be sponsored by the employer (yourselves), being an employer and having employees who need visas comes with some responsibilities to ensure the compliance is not compromised in regards to the Immigration Law.

Purpose of a Migrant Tracking Policy

Within a company Home Office expects the Registered Sponsor employer to have different roles assigned to different people within the company who will all play their specific roles.

Employers will have access to a system called Sponsorship Management System (SMS) through which Certificate of Sponsorship  (COS) can be requested, employees details are kept up to date and communication between the Home Office and the employer can be done. Employers can request more no of COS via the SMS, report migrant activity, keep migrant’s personal information up to date, withdraw COS if need be etc.

These are important responsibilities and the Home Office expects employers to manage these responsibilities  for effective immigration control.

What can we do for you to keep you compliant with the Home Office

We can help you to develop Migrant Tracking Policy according to your business’s model. As part of the process we will make sure you understand the requirements for keeping this policy up to date and work with you to assign different roles to different people at your company and help them carry out their tasks, train them to use the SMS system effectively.

If the Home Office decides to review your Migrant Tracking Policy you can be rest assured that you have the up to date policy in place.

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