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UK Child Dependent Visa - Sponsor & Bring your Children to the UK

UK Child Dependent Visa | Bring your Child to the UK

A Child Dependent Visa enables a child to join or stay with their parent(s) in the UK, either on a temporary basis or a permanent basis. A child is defined as somebody aged under 18 at the time of application.

The parent(s) may be settled in the UK or hold British citizenship or may hold limited leave. The Child Dependent Visa enables the child to enter and remain in the UK and attend a state school, which comes free.

When both parents are in the UK or will both be in the UK an application may be relatively straightforward. However, if only one parent is or will be in the UK and both parents are alive the application may be difficult because it will involve issues of “sole responsibility”.

If you are an EEA national or your child is an EEA national your child might be able to submit an application under the EU Settlement scheme.

You can contact us to get advice about which route is most appropriate for your child’s application.

If the parent(s) is/are British “otherwise than by descent” a child born outside the UK will be born British. However, if they are British “by descent” this will not be the case. If the child is British then of course they do not need to apply for a visa, but they will need to apply for a British passport if they do not already have one. We can give you advice about this.

A parent of a child living in the UK can in some circumstances  apply for a UK Visa to live with your children if the child is British, settled, or holds qualifying Pre-Settled Status. We can advise you about this.

Requirements for a Child Dependent Visa

If the child is applying with their parents their application will be included with their parents. If the child is applying alone the application will be dealt with by the UK visa centre or the Home Office in the UK.

The requirements for the visa application depend on the circumstances. The family relationship must be proved and it will be necessary to show that there will be sufficient finance to support the child and appropriate accommodation for them.

In cases involving “sole responsibility” the evidential requirements are more complex: you have to satisfy the Home Office that you meet them. If you are unsure about how you can evidence that you meet this requirement do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 150 6709.

What can we do for your successful Child Dependent Visa application? 

We can initially advise you about the strength of the application and if there are likely to be any difficult issues. We can tell you if you are meeting all the requirements for the visa.

We can advise you about submitting the right documents so that you will have the best possible application.

We will complete your application forms and advise how the application is submitted. Where and when the Biometrics will take place.

As an OISC Level 3 Immigration Law Firm we ensure we are always up to date with the new regulations and procedures applicable to your application..

We will continue to make ourselves available during and after the submission of your application so you feel supported by a competent team of Immigration Lawyers.

We will provide a representation letter to support your application.

We will advise you throughout the process so that you have the best chance of success.

Contact us now to apply for your Child’s Dependent Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my children accompany me to the UK?

Yes, if you are moving to the UK and wish for your children to accompany or join you in the UK you can apply for their child dependent visa.

What are the requirements for Child Dependent Visa?

Your children should be under 18 and not leading an independent life, eg that they are not married or have family of their own.

Can I bring my adopted child to the UK?

Yes, you can bring adopted children to the UK by demonstrating that you and the children are meeting the relevant requirements. We have helped parents to bring their adopted children to the UK successfully.

My child is turning 18 in a few months should I apply for them now or it doesn’t matter?

You can only bring children under 18 via this visa route. If your child is turning 18 soon it is better to apply now. Even if they turn 18 during the time the application is in process with the UKVI it will not have a negative effect on the application.

Can I apply ILR for child born outside the UK?

Yes, depending on the circumstances this might be possible.

I want to bring my children to the UK but I am disabled and does not have much income, can I still bring my children to the UK?

You should obtain Immigration advice specific to your circumstances and your Immigration Adviser should be able to explain your options to bring your children to the UK.

I am British Citizen by Descent, does my children also need a visa to enter the UK or I can apply for their British Nationality straight away?

It depends on whether your child was born inside the UK or outside. We can assess your specific circumstances and advise you about this.

How much does it cost to apply for child dependent visa?

It costs £1,846 to apply for a Child Dependent Visa from outside the UK and there may also be an Immigration Health Surcharge, depending on which kind of visa the child is applying for.


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