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EU Nationals in the UK

EU Nationals have Free Movement Rights to enter the UK without a visa and reside in the UK without having to apply for any visa or visa extensions, there are no limitations to their activity in the UK. If the EU Nationals wish to remain in the UK for more than 3 months they need to be qualified persons for example they can be looking for job, they can be in employment, start a business in the UK or Study in the UK.

EU nationals have access to free medical care in the UK and can exercise their free movement treaty rights without any restrictions.

Non EU national Family members of EU nationals can join them in the UK under the European Law rather than British Immigration Law.

Non EU National family members can come to the UK by meeting straight and simple requirements rather than having to meet strict British Law requirements.

However, things are going to change because of BREXIT as the UK has voted to leave the EU Home Office has introduced Settlement scheme for EU Nationals and their family members. Those who qualify for Pre Settled or Settled Status can apply for it and the Home Office will determine who receives what status.

GSN Immigration specialises in EU related applications and have helped many clients to sort out their status in the UK. We can help with Family Permits, Residence Cards, Permanent Residence, Pre Settled & Settled Status applications.

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