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Graduate Visa – Post Study Work Visa

Finally it has arrived – the new “Graduate” visa, which looks something like the old Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa but with a few improvements.

The Tier 1 PSW visa – which was abolished a few years ago – gave leave for two years to UK graduates, and it provided the right to work. The new Graduate visa provides either two years’ leave (for bachelor’s and master’s graduates) or three years’ leave (for doctorate graduates) and, similarly, it provides an almost unfettered right to work, in either employment or self-employment.

So a Graduate visa holder will be able to work for an employer, or perhaps create and operate their own business. Applicants must hold either a Tier 4 visa or Student visa and they must be in the UK to apply. But a Graduate visa holder will be able to switch into a Skilled Worker visa – if they are offered a suitable opportunity – without having to return back home, and they will also be able to switch into a Start-Up visa or Innovator visa, so they can run a business on that basis if they want to.

Talking of money, there is no need for Graduate visa applicants to show any funds for financial maintenance, and there is no further need for them to satisfy any English language requirements.

Existing dependants (partner, children) are allowed to apply for further leave in line with the main applicant.

As visa routes go this is quite a generous one, and it will be very useful in helping graduate students stay in the UK and develop their careers.

If you are interested in this visa we at GSN Immigration will be able to advise and assist you.

Oliver Westmoreland
OISC Level 3 Immigration Lawyer

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