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When will the Home Office/UK Visas & Immigration expedite your visa application?

Because of the war in Ukraine, and the consequent high demand for visas from Ukrainians, expedited visa and settlement application schemes have been temporarily limited in scope.

In many circumstances expedited applications are still possible: the five working day service “priority service” (which costs £500 extra) and the next working day service “super priority service” (which costs £800 extra). (But do note that neither of these services guarantees that the timeframe will be met.)

Generally, working and study visa applications may in many cases still be available, but some family visa applications are currently not. The Home Office has published detailed information about this on:

This information shows that expedited family visa applications from outside the UK are not possible at the moment, and only certain in-country family visa applications are.

If you want further advice or assistance about this please contact us and we will do our best to help.


Oliver Westmoreland

Level 3 Immigration Adviser