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Applications under the Private Life Long Residence Route

Private & Family Life

Applications under the Private & Family Life Long Residence Route

Apply for leave under the Private & Family Life Long Residence Rules. If you do not have immigration leave in the UK (either because you entered the UK illegally or overstayed) but you have lived here for a number of years you may be able to apply for limited leave to remain under the Private & Family Life Long Residence rules.

The number of years that you need to have lived here varies, and it depends on your age and circumstances. In some cases it can be as much as 20 years but in other cases far less – these rules are complex. 

If the application is successful you will normally be granted leave for 30 months, and it may be possible to extend such leave. If you can extend your leave to make ten years in total (i.e. 120 months) you may then be able to apply for settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain) on that basis. This means that, after the initial grant of leave, you will be required to extend your leave three times before you qualify for settlement.

Requirements for an application under the Private & Family Life Long Residence rules

The main requirement is that you can prove that you have actually been in the UK for the period you claim. Your passport may provide evidence about this but in itself it is unlikely to be enough. You must collate together whatever evidence you may have that shows your residence in the UK. 

Along with the residence evidence you might have to demonstrate that you have made the UK your home and have developed social, family and or cultural ties in the UK.

What we can do for you for a successful Private & Family Life application

Private & Family Life Long Residence applications are very complex, but we will help you with collecting and collating the evidence that is relevant and putting together the strongest possible application. Advising you on the matter, answering your queries, corresponding with the Home Office is part of the work your Immigration Lawyer will carry out for you at GSN Immigration.

Why not give us a call and discover that we are the best Immigration lawyers in London to handle your immigration matter. We work with clients from all over the UK and the World, so if you are not in London, do not worry, we can assist you wherever you are in the world. 

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