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GSN Immigration Ltd – Fee Scale



This fee scale details our fees for all immigration advice and services that we are registered to provide to our clients. We normally charge on a fixed fee basis. Our fees include all written and telephone attendances and correspondence with the client and relevant third parties; consideration, preparation and submission of application and relevant supporting documents; making copies of documents and postage; and, where relevant, representation with the Home Office until the decision is received. We will always agree the fee with you beforehand, depending on the complexity of the case.


In exceptional circumstances, when a client needs us to travel to their home or other place, travel and wait fees are additional to the fixed fee and will be charged at £30 per hour. Travel costs will be charged at the lowest possible rate, eg 40p per mile or the applicable train fare.


However, should you wish to withdraw instructions part-way through your immigration case we will charge you for all the work we have undertaken on your behalf at an hourly rate of £100. We will ask you to pay a deposit of 50% of the fee before we undertake any substantive work on your case, with the balance payable upon submission of your application to the UKVI/Home Office. Please note that our organisation is not VAT registered, so you will not be charged VAT.  


The fees quoted below are our professional fees and do not include Home Office/UKVI fees


Consultation by appointment £100: Maximum 1-hour one-off consultation/advice.

This is deductible from our fees if we are instructed to act.

Family Visas

Spouse / Civil Partner / Unmarried Partner / Fiancé(e)/ Extension application

£ 900.00

FLR(FP) application

£ 1250.00

Child / Dependent relative

£ 1000.00

Applications outside the rules

£ 1500.00

Settlement (ILR)

£ 900.00

Domestic Violence ILR

£ 1500.00

Points-Based System and Working Visas

Tier 2 Sponsored Migrant / Extension

£ 900.00

Tier 4 Student Visa / Extension

£ 900.00

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme

£ 600.00

Tier 5 Temporary Workers

£ 600.00

Innovator / Start-Up

£ 2500.00

Sole Representative of Overseas Business Visa

£ 2000.00

Dependant application

£ 800.00

Settlement/ ILR

£ 1000.00

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

£ 2000.00





Visitor Visa Entry Clearance

Family / Tourism / Business. / Sports / Marriage / Entertainer / Short-Term Student etc

 £ 700.00



British Citizenship


£ 800.00


£ 800.00

EEA Applications

Family permit for a non-EEA family member

£ 800.00

Pre-settled status application

£ 80

Settled status application

£ 80

EEA Registration Certificate / Residence Card application

£ 800


Transfer of Conditions (TOC)

£ 300.00

Application checking only


Appeals & Others

Lodging Appeal

£ 600.00

Preparing papers for appeal

£ 1000.00

Advocacy at appeal hearing

£ 600.00

Submitting appeal papers for Upper Immigration Tribunal (stage 1 to FTT)

£ 1200.00

Submitting appeal papers for Upper Immigration Tribunal (stage 2 to UT)

£ 600.00

Pre-Action Protocol Letter

£ 600.00

Bail application at First-Tier Tribunal

£ 1000.00

Administrative Review application

£ 600.00


Asylum Claim / Fresh Claim

£ 1500.00

Notifying the UKBA of a change of address

£ 150.00

Application for permission to work

£ 300.00

Travel document application

£ 300.00


  • The fees charged for the above-mentioned categories will include all standard work in preparation of visa application documents to include consultancy, guidance and submission of the application to the UKVI/Home Office.
  • The fees do not include disbursements or any other additional work that a client may request.


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