Document Checklist

List of Immigration Documents required for a successful Visa Application
document checklist

Document Checklist

Immigration Documents



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    To submit a visa application, you will need to provide supporting documents to demonstrate that you are meeting the visa requirements as part of the application. At GSN Immigration your Immigration Lawyer will provide you with a Document checklist listing down all the documents required to make your application successful.

    The document checklist is customised depending on your circumstances but still making sure you are meeting the relevant immigration rules requirements.

    How to prepare correct supporting documents for visa application

    All visa applications have different set of requirements and therefore, the required documents vary from case to case

    The correct supporting immigration and visa documents makes your case stronger

    We prepare and provide you with an immigration and visa document checklist specific to your case

    Providing an Immigration Document Checklist

    The documents for every immigration and visa application can vary. The same visa application for different people can be submitted with a different set of documents, depending on the circumstances of the applicant & sponsor. Our team of expert Immigration Lawyers / Advisers provide a document checklist that is specific to you and your immigration matter