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Schengen Visa Service

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Schengen Visa allows you to travel in Schengen states in the European Economic Areas without having to obtain a separate visa for each European Union country. The Schengen area covers 26 countries. The countries are: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

How to obtain Schengen Visa

Complete the correct application form

Provide correct supporting documents which are different depending on the reason of your visit. Family members of an EEA Nationals do not need to provide same documents as an applicant who is going for a holiday in France

Processing time for Schengen Visa varies from country to country but usually these visas are processed between 2 to 6 weeks

Where to apply for Schengen Visa

The application for Schengen Visa can be submitted either at the embassy of your first entry or to he embassy of the country where you intend to stay the most of your time in the Europe. Embassies have partner commercial companies who are also operating in many different countries all over the world where the applicants can submit  their passports and supporting documents for their applications to be processed.

How long is the Schengen Visa issued for

The Schengen Visa is issued for 90 days and it can either be single entry or multiple entry. Schengen Visa does not allow the holder to undertake employment or start a business or start any studies in the Schengen State, there are different type of visas for different type of activities.

GSN Immigration has a team of expert and experienced Immigration Lawyers and we understand how to get your application to a satisfactory conclusion. Whatever the reason of your visit to the Schengen state we are here to help. If you have been refused a Schengen Visa get in touch with us and we can help you prepare a fresh application with the best chance of success.