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Understanding the Ankara Agreement Businessperson Visa

Have you had your application for an Ankara Agreement Businessperson visa refused and want to challenge this decision in court? Perhaps you are already in the United Kingdom and want to apply for an extension of your visa or want to settle in Britain? Whatever your circumstances, the expert immigration lawyers at GSN Immigration can help. Turkish Businessperson Visa is for applicants who want to do business in the UK. 

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If you are at the stage of needing more general advice then this guide aims to explain more about the Ankara Agreement Businessperson visa. This can help you to understand how this visa works and put you in a prime position to discuss your personal situation in more detail when you get in touch with our knowledgeable and approachable team of immigration experts.

What is an Ankara Agreement Businessperson visa?

This is a type of visa that results from a treaty dating back to 1963 that allows Turkish businesspeople to work and live in the UK.

Can you apply for this visa?

The British government is not accepting new applications for this type of visa. Child dependents who are under 21 are still able to make an application to join you if you are already staying in the UK with this visa, however.

Whilst new applications are not being accepted, you can still apply to extend your visa if you already have an Ankara Agreement Businessperson visa. You can also enlist the help of the GSN Immigration law firm to assist in appealing applications for this visa that have been refused.

Extending a Turkish Businessperson visa

If you have permission in place to stay in Britain under rules relating to Turkish businesspeople, then there is the potential to extend your visa. If successful, this will mean that you can carry on running a business in the UK and could even start another if you wanted to.

There are, however, eligibility requirements you have to meet in order to qualify for an extension. Our immigration experts will be happy to discuss with you your eligibility in more detail, but the basic requirements are explained next.

Are you eligible for a Turkish Businessperson visa extension?

First and foremost, you must already be in the United Kingdom with a Turkish Businessperson visa. You must also fulfil the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate that you are not an immigration lawbreaker.
  • Are running what is considered to be a viable business.
  • Are able to meet the costs involved in operating your business.
  • Demonstrate that you are making enough money to support yourself and any dependents without needing income from another job.
  • Show that you have an active part in running a business if you are one half of a partnership.

How long can you extend your visa for?

Once extended, your visa can allow you to remain in the UK for as long as three years. You can extend it again, however, and there is no limit to how many times you do this, although you will always have to be classified as being eligible for the visa when you apply.

Settling in the UK

Once you have been in Britain legally for five years, you might be able to make an application to permanently settle. This is known as being granted what is called ‘indefinite leave to remain’.

If this leave to remain is allowed, you will be able to study, work and live in the United Kingdom for however long you want to, and you can make benefit applications if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you need more advice about settling in the UK or need legal help to challenge a refused application, you can get in touch with our team of the best immigration lawyers in London today.

Applying to extend your visa

There is an online application process to extend your Ankara Agreement Businessperson visa. If you have children or a partner also living in the UK with a dependent visa, they must apply separately for an extension. If your partner’s children or your children currently live outside Britain but want to join you, they will have to make an application as dependents.

How long should an application take?

How long the process takes will depend on a range of factors, including whether you will need to show documents and prove your identity. If you do need to prove who you are, the process may take longer as you may need to have an appointment in order to fulfil your requirements. You should be told if you will need this appointment for your visa application.

You should receive a decision on whether or not your application for a visa extension has been successful within six months. If you do not, or if you need to make a legal challenge if your extension request is refused, then you can get in touch with GSN Immigration for professional immigration advice for people wanting to remain in the UK.

Staying in the UK after a Turkish Businessperson visa extension

If your extension application is successful, you can carry on as a business owner or partner. You can also carry out voluntary work and study if you want to.

Unless you are granted indefinite leave to remain, you cannot claim benefits or a British state pension. You cannot work for an employer, although you can start another business if you want to.

If you are not sure about what you can and cannot do under the rules of an Ankara Agreement Businessperson visa, then the GSN Immigration team can help you. The immigration lawyers at GSN Immigration in London can also offer you help if you are being challenged over what you are doing in the UK under your Turkish Businessperson visa.

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