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Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Sponsoring Migrants under the Points Based System

Apply for a Tier 2 Licence to Sponsor Foreign Workers

A UK-based employer cannot employ / sponsor a Tier 2 migrant unless they hold a Tier 2 sponsor licence. This is a licence that has to be applied for to the Home Office, and the criteria for this are notoriously strictly observed. 

The application consists of two parts: an online application form and a physical submission of hardcopy documents. The required documents are documents that show that the employer is a bona fide and respectable organisation that operates within the law and pays appropriate taxes. 

In some cases – and particularly with smaller companies and newer companies – the Home Office might carry out an audit inspection to come and look at the employer’s premises, and particularly at their HR systems, to ascertain whether they are sufficiently robust to manage Tier 2 employees and other employees under immigration control. Again, these inspections can be very strict. 

If the Home Office is ultimately satisfied the licence will be granted, for a period of four years, and the employer will be granted an “A-rating” for their sponsor licence (ie the best rating). 

But if the Home Office subsequently for any reason becomes dissatisfied with the employer’s performance their sponsor licence can be downgraded to a “B rating”. In this situation the employer has to try and regain their A-rating, via an “action plan”. If they do not or cannot do this they can lose their sponsor licence altogether. If this happens then the Tier 2 employers will lose their immigration status so this is of course a serious matter. 

Tier 2 sponsor licences come in different categories: Tier 2 General, Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer, Tier 2 Sportsperson and Tier 2 Minister of Religion. The employer has to apply for the category(ies) that are relevant to them. 

Requirements for a Tier 2 Sponsor License

The online application is relatively straightforward but the submission of hardcopy documents tends to be more difficult. 

Documents submitted must be either “originals” or certified copies, but sometimes it is difficult to determine what is an original document and the rules about certification are very particular. 

A minimum of four documents must be submitted but is very wise, if at all possible, to submit more than four in case the Home Office rejects any of them. The Home Office must identify four good documents for the application to be successful. 

If the application is refused there may be, depending on the reasons, the possibility of challenging the decision. 

What we can do for you for a successful License application

We can help you apply for a tier 2 Sponsorship License for your business. As part of the process we will make sure we pay a lot of attention to the hardcopy documents and give you detailed advice about the certification process if relevant. If the documents are deemed not to be good enough then the application will fail, so if we are in doubt about any documents we will advise you accordingly and suggest that you provide alternatives.

If the Home Office decides to give your premises an audit we can advise you about this, and about your HR systems and record-keeping systems. If you so instruct us we can pretend to be the Home Office and give you a mock audit, and we can also be at your premises when the real audit takes place. 

We will ensure we are with you from the very start and up until you receive a decision on your application. Sometimes applications are delayed and we can liaise with the Home Office or UKVI on your behalf.

Why not give us a call and discover that we are the best Immigration lawyers in London to handle your Tier 2 License Application. We work with clients all over the UK wherever you are we are here to help. 

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  • Wisam Khalid Avatar
    Wisam Khalid
    16-04-2020 - Google

    Best service, family visa from first trial.. they arranged everything while I was at home in Iraq...You just follow them ,they are the brain .. you don’t need to think... Rahila and Shah are my favorite there..cost is affordable for such service,..thanks a lot and wish you the best

  • William Johnston Avatar
    William Johnston
    14-02-2020 - Google

    Dear Rahila and Shah, Thank you so much for all your help and support for applying spouse visa (second time). You have been by far the best adviser I’ve ever dealt with , extremely professional , excellent communication, great adviser, friendly, honest and above all human! I would not hesitate to use your services again and would highly recommend you to our family, friends and colleagues, you have all been terrific! You've done a remarkably amazing job for me and my wife and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts and very much look forward to seeing you soon best wishes William and Anastasia Johnston .

  • Elisabeth Francisco Avatar
    Elisabeth Francisco
    28-02-2020 - Google

    Used their services for myself and a relative, they are very efficient and friendly. Got everything done as quickly and effectively as possible. Would Highly recommend.

  • MohammadF-17 Avatar
    16-04-2020 - Yell

    Excellent solicitors!!! I used GSN Immigration to get spouses visa for my wife and my step son from Philippine and mr:Shah and mrs: Rahila done very good job and got spouse visa for my wife and my step son in short time! they're very professional, they know what they are doing, caring, fair price and very polite solicitors and I'm very happy with them :) i will use them again and I highly recomend them!!! Thanks GSN Immigration

  • Maria Mape Avatar
    Maria Mape
    16-04-2020 - Google

    Excellent and speedy service from Ms X Liang GSN immigration Ltd it was the best decision ever. I needed a spouse’s visa for my wife, which can be a lengthy process which takes a lot of time and effort. I am so happy that I decided to go with GSN Immigration Ltd, thanks to Ms X Liang’s attention to detail and in-deep scrutiny in checking the documentation provided, the process was very easy and straightforward. The communication was clear and we were helped to understand each stage of process. In the end, a swift decision was made in favour of my wife’s Spouse visa. I will certainly recommend and use their professional services again in the future.

  • Saeed Parviz Avatar
    Saeed Parviz
    27-02-2020 - Google

    Very knowledgeable, professional and great price. we highly recommend GSN immigration. My Wife has her spouse visa within 6 weeks.

    Big thank you to Rahila and Mr shah.

  • J Lush Avatar
    J Lush
    16-04-2020 - Google

    I am so happy I chose Rahilia and Shah to look into my case, from the first conversation to the final result of being granted, I have felt so comfortable throughout the whole process and I will recommend anyone to use them.

  • Sajid Mukhtear Avatar
    Sajid Mukhtear
    16-04-2020 - Google

    Great people, great service, recommend to all

  • Saeed Parviz Avatar
    Saeed Parviz
    16-04-2020 - Google

    Very knowledgeable, professional and great price. we highly recommend GSN immigration. My Wife has her spouse visa within 6 weeks. Big thank you to Rahila and Mr shah.

  • Iain Stewart Avatar
    Iain Stewart
    24-03-2020 - Google

    This outfit is first class - I would even say 'Gold Standard'. They are not cheap but are GREAT value for money because they CARE. Rahila is supported by a very bright and helpful guy 'Shah' who is ALWAYS available. Never do I find 'this is the O2 answering service' or 'your call is important to us'. There is ALWAYS someone of flesh and blood and HUMANITY at the other end of the line.

    Trying to do Visas ONLINE is like trying to get a job ONLINE. A route to madness. Give this team a chance. They'll tell it like it is. And they will get you there!

  • A S Avatar
    A S
    05-03-2020 - Google

    The team at GSN Immigration are outstanding. They looked after me from initial point of contact to the end. Everything was handled professionally and efficiently. Their fee structure is straightforward and advice & guidance is clear. Well done to all at GSN Immigration.

  • Sophia- Celine Roxas Avatar
    Sophia- Celine Roxas
    07-02-2020 - Google

    Thank you so much to Rahila and Shah for all your hard work. The process in getting a UK residents visa was very well executed. There communication was excellent and they were even flexible enough to take calls at 9pm! I highly recommend GSN and have recommended them to my friends in need of there services. No more long distance or being separated 5000 miles away from my family. Thank you GSN for bringing families together. xx

  • prakash p Avatar
    prakash p
    16-04-2020 - Google

    GSN team assisted me in applying spouse visa from outside uk.
    pleased with there service and level of support i received. had a successful result on the application. Initially, I enquired to most of the solicitors around Harrow-On-The-Hill station. Unlike others, GSN team listened to my situation and gave me confidence by clarifying and providing a clear legal advise.
    The proactive GSN team ensured to submit the application from the eyes of ukvi case worker which reduces the hurdles for immigration team, and increases turn-around time of the application decision. I strongly recommend to others, and support small and local business.

  • Mahmoud Abikar Avatar
    Mahmoud Abikar
    18-03-2020 - Google

    I've visited GSN for my wife's VISA renewal and to be honest her application was really complicated one, but thanks to Rahila and her team were helpful & lifted the weight from my shoulder. Thank you again.

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