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Start Up Visa is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in the UK. The United Kingdom is well known as the Global Financial Centre of the world. Number of opportunities in the UK for people running businesses is limitless. 

For a Start up visa the applicant is not required to demonstrate that he/she has funds available to establish their start up business in the UK.  However, you need to have a good “Business Plan” and this needs to be endorsed by a relevant Endorsing body. Universities can also endorse their students’ business plans and the students can switch from student visa to Start Up visa within the UK.

The Start-Up visa is granted for two years, with no possibility of extension or a direct route to settlement. The applicant can either switch to Innovator Visa, Skilled Work visa or other visa they might be eligible for. 

Dependent applications (partner and minor children) are possible. Applicant’s families can join or travel with the main applicant. If you have children they can continue their studies at a UK school and your spouse can work full time.

Applications may be made to the UK visa centre from outside the UK or, in some cases, to the Home Office in the UK. Tier 4 Students, for example, can apply in the UK to switch to Start-Up visa, and other switching possibilities, for example a migrant holding a Start-Up visa status can apply to switch to an Innovator visa.

Requirements for Start Up Visa

As mentioned above, all applicants need to have a good business plan and the business plan needs to be endorsed by an endorsing body. In the case of the Start-Up visa the endorsing body can be a University, so Tier 4 Students might be able to get their university to endorse their business idea. The Home Office has published lists of approved endorsing bodies. 

The Start-Up visa does not require any specific investment sum to invest into the business. Setting up a business of course inevitably costs money, but some types of business are a lot more expensive than others to set up. 

You are required to meet a set of requirements for the Start Up Visa.

  • Be 18 or over 
  • Obtain endorsement of your business plan from an endorsing body
  • Meet the English language requirement unless exempted based on nationality, age or qualifications
  • Availability of sufficient funds to support yourselves in the UK without having any access to public funds in the UK

There is an English language requirement to be met for a Start Up visa application.

What we can do for you for a successful Start Up Business Visa application

If you are applying for a Start up visa we can assess your business idea, help prepare a business plan and advise you about the entire application process. We can put you in touch with a suitable endorsing body and help you achieve the endorsement then we can prepare your visa application to the best effect. 

We will advise you on the documents required for the application and represent you with the full application for a successful outcome.

If you wish to know more about the Start Up Visa application, you can watch an informative video on this link:

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