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Apply for an EEA Residence Card to Remain in the UK

An EEA Residence Card is issued to non – EU family members of EU Nationals who are exercising their Treaty Rights in the UK. This will mean you will have evidence of being able to live and work in the UK as a family member of an EEA National.

EU Residence cards used to be issued for 5 years and gave the holder the right  to live, work and study in the UK. However, the UKVI is now issuing Residence Cards which are due to expire by June 2021. If you have been issued with a residence card as an eea national family member you must apply to remain in the UK under the EU Settlement scheme.

You can no longer apply for a residence card, if you already have obtained a residence card you can apply to replace it with Eu Settlement Scheme card. If you wish to read more about the Residence card you can continue the reqd below. However, it may not be applicable anymore.


An EU National can apply for an EEA Registration Certificate as a qualified person and also add their non- EEA national family members to the application.

An EEA Registration Certificate and Residence Card is evidence that you are living and working in the UK.

If you have lived in the UK as an EEA National exercising your Treaty Rights or as a Dependent of an EEA National for 5 years in the UK then you can apply for Permanent Residence to remain in the UK indefinitely. Residence card is a Biometric Residence Permit that looks similar to a debit/credit card with a chip on it. EU residence card allows the holder to travel to other EU countries without having to apply for a separate Schengen visa.

The EEA National must be exercising their Treaty Rights if they have been in the UK for 3 months or more. They must be a qualified person as per the EEA Immigration Rules 2016 which means the EEA National must be exercising their Free Movement Rights in any of the categories below:

  • Worker
  • Self Employed
  • Student
  • Self Sufficient with savings or a 
  • Job seeker

So if you are an EEA NAtional and have a non-EEA family member or an extended family member then they can can remain with you in the UK

You can sponsor any of the following relatives to remain with you in the UK:

  • Your Family Member
    • Spouse
    • Civil Partner
    • Child 
    • Parent
    • Grandparent
    • Grandchild
  • Your Extended Family Member
    • Unmarried Partner
    • Fiance
    • Brother or sister
    • Cousin
    • Aunt/ Uncle
    • Brother or Sister in Law

We have helped many EU Nationals and non-EEA Family members to remain in the UK with a Registration Certificate or an EEA Residence Card. The Residence card can only be applied from within the UK and is valid for 5 years. Following 5 years of Residence in the UK and as long as your EEA National family Member continues to exercise their Free Movement Rights you can look forward to applying for Permanent Residence or ILR in the future. Sometimes known as the EU Permanent Residence card is an application for PR. You can apply for Pre Settled Status after you have received your Residence Card and then Settled Status or ILR in 5 years time.

Requirements for an EEA Residence Card

To be successful in your application for an EEA Residence Card or EEA Registration Certificate you will need to provide relevant evidence to the Home Office in support of your application which can include details: 

  • of your relationship with the EEA National Family Member
  • that you have met your EEA National Family Member
  • that you are dependent on your EEA National Family member
  • that your EEA National Family Member is a qualified person i.e. exercising their EEA Treaty Rights
  • that your EEA National Family Member can afford to house you and maintain you in the UK without recourse to public funds

You can only apply for an EEA REgistration Certificate or an EEA Card within the UK as long as you meet the requirements. Usually an EEA Registration Certificate or an EEA Residence Card can take up to 6 months to be processed but we often see decisions come through within 3 months.

A Residence card is issued with a validity of 5 years and a Biometrics Residence Card is issued to the applicant showing personal details including a picture of the applicant.

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