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Free Visa Assessment

Eligibility Assessment



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We offer a Free UK Visa Assessment to identify your eligibility for meeting the UK Visa Immigration Requirements.

UK Immigration & Visa procedures can be daunting and overwhelming. We can assess for Free, if you meet the requirements to apply for a UK visa.
We can conduct a Free Visa Assessment over the telephone or Skype, depending on whether you are in the UK or overseas.
At the end of the Free Visa Assessment we will let you know the merits of your visa application and if you meet the requirements for the visa you wish to apply for. This Free Visa Assessment process will also give you an opportunity to get to know GSN Immigration Lawyers / Advisers and our ascertain our deidcation to our clients.

Questions you may have

Do you need a visa?

Do you meet the visa requirements?

When can or shoudl you apply for the visa?

Immigration Visa Process

The UK Visa & Immigration department also has pubslished guidance which can be found on the UK Government website. You can double check if you need a visa for the UK, which visa is most suitable for you to enter the UK, Visa fees & Processing times; all these details can be found on the UK Gov website to support our Free Visa Assessment.

Once you have established that you or your family member need a visa and the type of visa, you can proceed to instruct us and we will help you apply for the relevant visa. We will ensure we provide the best visa and immigration advice and handle your immigration matter with complete dedication and commitment.

Support, Guidance, Advice & Assistance

GSN Immigration are specialists in UK Visa & Immigration Advice, we are registered with the OISC to provide Immigration Advice at the highest Level 3 and have number of years experience dealing with UK Visa & Immigration Applications and Appeals in all categories.

If you are struggling with your Immigration or visa matter and are not sure about the steps to take in order to resolve it or are simply too busy to do it yourself, then contact us and we promise to take great care of your Immigration or visa matter and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.