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GSN Immigration Consultations Last Up to an Hour
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Visa Consultation

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    GSN Immigration in London offers Visa Consultation Sessions to clients from all around the world. You can book a one off Visa Consultation Session with our experienced Immigration Lawyers / Advisers to Advise you on your UK Visa Immigration matter or have this fee adjusted when you instruct us with your full application.

    We are very flexible with the delivery of our immigration advice services. We can accommodate you at our office for a face to face consultation, speak to you over the phone and provide immigration advice, or make a video call on Skype or WhatsApp for your immigration advice session if you are abroad. Finally, If you prefer, we can provide Immigration Advice by email also.


    We offer face to face consultation session at our Office including Weekends, by appointment

    We offer Telephone appointments to discuss your Immigration matter and provide advice

    You can book your consultation session with your Immigration Lawyer over Skype or Whatsapp also

    We can also provide immigration advice by email.

    Here to help

    At GSN Immigration our approach is very simple and we try our best to accommodate our clients in every possible way. We love to say we are here to help! We promise to leave no stone unturned to find the best advice and solution for your Immigration matter. We are always dedicated to bring your matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

    Weekend Appointments

    We offer weekend appointments for immigration advice to accommodate clients who are unable to meet with us during the week because of their work schedule. You can book your appointment in advance and your appointment will be scheduled with your Immigration Lawyer / Adviser as is mutually convenient over the weekend. In the case that you would like to book your appointment outside normal business hours, please get in touch and we will be happy to book you in for a late evening immigration consultation.