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Now you can study for a UK degree no matter where you live. You can complete an MBA degree in less than £4000! As you know, UK universities offer the best education in the world. 

Start your course in the comfort of your home and move to the UK to complete your Bachelor’s Degree or MBA Degree programme )or a Masters Degree Programme). Essentially you can complete a UK University Degree for a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay.Fees for a UK degree programme usually start from a minimum of £11,000.

But, you can start to Study for a UK Degree Online, from the comfort of your home, then come to the UK to complete your degree, saving you thousands of pounds!

You can study a Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma leading up to a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, respectively and then complete them in the UK.

You will have all of the following support while you are studying towards your online degree programme:

  • Free study materials
  • Unlimited expert tutor support
  • Study online with other fellow students
  • Free Assignment submission
  • Study any time of your choice, system available 24/7
  • All courses are accredited by UK awarding bodies

We can help you achieve your dreams, help you take that step that will lead you to a world full of opportunities. Holding a degree from the UK University can land you the job of your dreams! Study online and equip yourself with the skills you need for your dream job or to become that successful Entrepreneur that you dream of.

You can do it all and realise your dreams of a British education, and we are here to help you.

The UK Government has announced that starting from Summer 2021 you should be able to apply for a “Graduate Route” Post study work visa for 2 years upon completion of your degree programme in the UK. So why not start your online course and complete the degree in the UK and take the opportunity of the Post Study Work Visa to gain 2 years of UK work experience. 

Studying in this way and following this route can save you thousands of pounds but ensure you get a British Degree at a fraction of the cost! Followed by an added bonus of a 2 year work visa in the UK with UK work experience to add on your CV opening a world of opportunities.

In addition to degree programmes you can also study short courses and enhance all sorts of different sets of skills. These short courses can help you progress in your current job and perhaps be promoted to a higher position or you could be thinking of starting your own business and could learn a thing or two from “How to start your own Business” course. 

So, let’s get started on this journey to success together. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study my full course online?

Yes, you can. You will have access to your user friendly online account 24/7. Just login and learn away.

I usually need a lot of support from my tutors, how much support do I get from my online tutors?

You get all the support you need, literally. Unlimited support from the best British tutors at your disposal throughout your studies.

Am I correct in understanding that I can complete my diploma online and come to the UK to complete my degree?

Indeed, it is. You can complete the relevant Diploma Level 4, 5, 6 or 7 and move to the UK to complete your degree programme.

Can I switch to Graduate work visa after I complete my degree in the UK?

Yes, you can. You can gain 2 years full time UK work experience, which is paid of course.

Can I switch from my 2 years work visa after completing my degree to a Tier 2 General visa?

Absolutely, as long you have a Sponsorship from a Tier 2 Licence holding company.


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